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Pharmacist Medication Shelves Prescription Orders

1) How does RxDO work?

Our solution to medication location creates a searchable database that allows pharmacies, regardless of prescription software, to report inventory levels. This database can be accessed and searched by patients, providers, and pharmacists.

2) What will RxDO tell me?

As a RxDO user, the results of a medication search will use a stoplight system to locate pharmacies that have the desired medication(s) in stock:

= Green pharmacies have sufficient inventory to fill the entire prescription.

= Yellow pharmacies have enough for a partial fill of the prescription.

= Red pharmacies do not have the prescription in stock.

= Gray represents pharmacies that have not yet joined the RxDO network.

3) I represent a pharmacy. How can we become part of the RxDO network?

Reach out to us on our contact page to learn more about becoming part of the RxDO network and increasing medication access .

4) I am a provider. How can RxDO help me better care for my patients?

RxDO provides a way to guide your patients toward pharmacies that have the medications they need already in stock. By removing this barrier to compliance, you can help your patients navigate the medication use process more effectively.

5) Why doesn’t this already exist?

That’s a great question and RxDO is actively trying to solve it!