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Pharmacist Locator Rx Directory Online (RxDO) was founded on the belief that finding a medication should not be a barrier to healthcare. As pharmacists immersed in the health care field, brothers Ben and Brian Michaels recognized the need for patients, providers, and pharmacists to more accurately and efficiently locate medications. After reflecting on this problem, they were able to devise a technological solution and teamed up with Robintek Health to bring the idea to light.

The RxDO partnership brings together over 20 years of pharmacy experience coupled with industry-leading technological expertise. RxDO delivers a user-friendly, adaptable medication location service straight to your computer, tablet, or phone. While the premise is simple, the patent-pending technology behind RxDO makes it possible for patients, providers, and pharmacists to quickly search for and find the medications they need for themselves or others.

At RxDO, we are actively pursuing additional pharmacies interested in partnering with us and who are excited about the ideals that we hold close - simplifying the prescription process, increasing patient access and care, and removing health care hurdles for patients and providers alike. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our network and integrating into the future of pharmacy.

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